Mineral Spring Guest House
270 Shakerag Street
Mineral Point, WI 53565


Mineral Spring Guest House Main Entrance

Located on two acres on the edge of the city, this quiet & scenic setting sits at the gateway to historic Shakerag Street as you enter Mineral Point.  It is 30 minutes southwest of Madison, WI and 30 minutes northeast of Dubuque, IA at Exit 40 off US Hwy. 151.  The building sits in front of the original limestone brewing facilities, which is now home to Brewery Pottery.

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Cave of the Mounds
The Platte Mound M is the letter "M" written using whitewashed stones on Platte Mound about four miles east of Platteville, Wisconsin. It is the largest letter "M" in the world. The letter is 241 feet high, 214 feet wide, with legs 25 feet wide.

The Platteville Mound

World's Largest M

Governor Dodge State Park
The House On The Rock